Senior Scene Concept Designer

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    Shanghai, Shanghai, China
    Posted 7 months ago

    Job Description

    This position requires fluency in written and spoken Mandarin, so the rest of the listing is in this language.

    • Responsible for the conceptual designer of vehicles/scenes/props/atmosphere in the company’s game projects.
    • Possess strong conceptual design concepts and drawing skills.
    • In-depth communication with the art and planners of the project team can provide corresponding design standards for the development of 3D models and the implementation of game content.

    Skills & Requirements

    • Have an in-depth understanding of sci-fi game works and culture, especially space themes.
    • More than four years working experience in conceptual design, with mature commercial works.
    • High ability to resist pressure, have a good sense of teamwork, and be able to work well with others to complete the work.
    • Open design ideas, rich imagination, willing to communicate and communicate.


    • Love science fiction art film and television works
    • Able to use 3D software to assist and express design
    • Love and keen to experience 3A games
    • Have their own unique insights into the structure of the game world view

    About the Company

    About the Employer:

    Tough, pure, and stand out.

    There is absolutely no hesitation on the road to the pursuit of perfection.

    This is a very inclusive team with strange qualities, alternating rebelliousness and composure.

    We have enough strength to develop, have enough simplicity to believe, we strive to create inspiring works, even if there are many difficulties, they will eventually shine.

    “ShadowMoon” is a game studio with an international vision, active innovation, and the pursuit of a win-win situation for both art and business.

    About Recruitment Consultants:

    ACGNrecruit is a headhunting service company specializing in the recruitment of game industry professionals. We recruit Chinese and foreign designers for China’s leading game companies, including UI designers, special effects artists, ground editors, concept art designers, motion designers, graphic designers and visual designers. Our employers are located in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Chengdu. We are a young and energetic consulting company, hoping to find talents to change the world, because we believe that the most important thing to change the world is the power of people.

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    3D Artist, Creative Design, Creative Technologist, Designer, Graphic Designer



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