Senior VFX Artist

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    Madison, Wisconsin, United States
    Posted 7 months ago

    Job Description

    This position will play a key role in the creative design, asset management and technical implementation of visual effects and design.

    To earn this spot, you have experience creating high-quality VFX art, fierce artistic skills in composition and modeling, aptitude for critical thinking and analysis, boundless creativity, an in-depth knowledge of FPS gameplay/landscape and a deep passion for video games. .


    • Creating stunning visual effects for the FPS genre using proprietary real-time particle systems.
    • High standards of artist skill in creating texture elements for effects.
    • A critical eye and an appreciation of cutscenes when setting up effects.
    • Identify and resolve technical issues using performance measurement tools.
    • Creatively solve technical problems that arise.
    • Work with level designers and team leaders to create special effects for stunning environments and captivating moments.

    Skills and Requirements:

    • At least 2-3 years developing next-gen visual effects on console hardware (Xbox, PS, PC).
    • Experience and good working knowledge of next-gen hardware limitations and expectations.
    • Excellent working knowledge of Maya and Photoshop.
    • Ability to communicate effectively with artists and programmers.
    • An intimate knowledge of artistic skills (e.g. knowledge of composition, color, 3D modeling and painting).
    • Advanced understanding of creating textures for games.
    • Advanced understanding of the limitations of runtime effects and how to achieve the best results.

    Benefits :

    • Solid experience in modeling, animation and/or traditional art.
    • High-end rendering of particle effects and fluid dynamics.
    • Specialized post-production work for game cutscenes.
    • Experience with After Effects.
    • Experience and facility with one or more scripting/programming languages.
    • Secondary education, Bachelor of Fine Arts or equivalent.
    • Ability to participate in other artistic tasks, including light 2D, 3D or conceptual tasks.
    • Good understanding of real-time physics systems.

    About the Company

    Founded in 1990 by brothers Brian and Steve Raffel, Raven Software has grown from a five-person company dreaming of creating a role-playing game for the Amiga to developer of many award-winning games and hit titles, including Hexen, Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and most recently a major contributor to the Call of Duty® franchise.

    At Raven, we’ve built our business on expectations. An expectation to always design games that set industry standards for graphics and gameplay. An expectation that award-winning games are the norm. But more than anything, a clear understanding of our market expectations: that is, that we consistently produce the games people want to play. In other words, exactly what we’ve been doing since 1990.

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    All applications must include a Portfolio, CV/Resume, and any relevant documentation

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    3D Artist, Creative Design, Creative Technologist, Designer, Graphic Designer



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