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    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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    Job Description

    The visual effects supervisor is responsible for delivering the projects entrusted to him by leading dedicated teams. He is the client/director’s interlocutor in order to capture the desired artistic quality and transmit it to the teams. In production, he oversees the shows from an artistic and technical point of view and works with the producer to meet delivery deadlines within budget limits. He participates in project evaluations and business development.

    • Establishes feasibility approaches and means to develop the director’s vision and the artistic vision of the production designer.
    • Make sure to respect the artistic direction of the visual for production and post-production in order to achieve the desired quality of the project.
    • Ensures that the look of CG elements matches the overall art direction of the project with the director and production designer and sees if any adjustments are needed.
    • Demonstrates a critical eye to ensure that work is always at the highest level of quality expected.
    • In collaboration with the CG sup and Leads, determines the overall technical (methodology) and creative approach to be adopted for each project.
    • Supervise the CG sup and Leads at the artistic level.
    • Edit daily newspapers.
    • Provides a critical and technical perspective by reviewing and making necessary adjustments to work created throughout the project.
    • Participate in client meetings.
    • Collects and analyzes customer comments and ensures their feedback to the various departments concerned.
    • Collaborates with the business development team and producers by participating in the breakdown of scenarios and storyboards as well as in the evaluation of projects by identifying technical and artistic specificities (stereo, 2d animation, etc.) and by assessing needs in time resources.
    • Advises and accompanies the producers and the production manager in the development of the production schedule and the allocation of resources according to the deliverables to the partners in order to make the necessary recommendations.
    • Provides feedback to managers and senior CGs on the creative, methodological, overall and technical performance of projects.
    • Participates in job interviews and assessments for managers and senior ACMs in collaboration with the HR team.

    Skills and Requirements:

    • 10 years of experience in animated television series and cinema, including 4 years in a management role.
    • Critical judgment of design and rhythm.
    • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
    • Ability to address clients and establish a relationship of trust.
    • Ability to lead a team.
    • Ability to work under pressure.
    • Excellent leadership, ability to inspire and motivate teams.
    • Excellent organizational skills.

    About the Company

    Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, Squeeze Animation Studios, located in Montreal and Quebec City, is a leading animation creation company that works with the world’s leading entertainment companies in film, video games, television and immersive installations. Our clients include Marvel, Illumination, Ubisoft, Warner Games, Supercell and many more. Squeeze is also the creator of its own brands, including the children’s series Crack√©, distributed in more than 210 territories around the world. Squeeze is a human-sized studio with a great inclusive corporate culture, where remote working is also fully supported.

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