World Artist Manager

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    Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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    This role will organize the efforts and requirements with the production team and artistic disciplines with the visual arts teams in Malaysia and North America to deliver AAA quality results on time and on budget to meet the needs of Playstation. The art direction team spans a wide range of complex disciplines. To properly focus, specialize, and support teams and initiatives, the World Art Manager would specifically oversee team members involved in cinematic and level environments, including modeling, texturing, materials and shaders, integrated cinematic lighting and in-game visual effects. the motor.

    This role reports to the Senior Director of Visual Arts.

    Responsibilities and Requirements:


    • Excellent verbal, visual and written communication skills. A skill set balanced between business development/strategy, technical knowledge and people management.
    • Support the creative vision of our clients and internal supervisors while collaborating with studio management, internal artists and outsourcing partners to maintain speed, schedule and budget.
    • Collaborate to develop onboarding and training initiatives focused on improving performance on project work and long-term growth.
    • Document and communicate expectations and goals and provide leadership and guidance to artists. Guide members through the performance appraisal process.
    • Significant experience in planning, budgeting and outsourcing.
    • Work with supervisors and production team to develop staffing for visual arts studio projects and goals.
    • Anticipate and organize team requests for current studio operations and production hardware and software.
    • Continuously improve the technical and human skills of team members so that the team can manage and deliver high fidelity deliverables to achieve AAA results.
    • Cooperate on tactical efforts with visual arts teams in North America and be the point of contact on the Malaysian side for this globally distributed effort.
    • Exposure and hands-on familiarity with Jira, Confluence, Perforce, Aspera, ShotGrid, Google Suite and Office365.


    • Active candidate in management meetings and impart between visual arts management in North America and Malaysia.
    • Develop and communicate a strategy for the artistic department; Successfully execute initiatives that would improve and maintain efficiency and reduce downtime for artists.
    • Work with supervisors and production to point out, develop or refine workflows.
    • Persistently and proactively strive to improve production procedure , tools and pipelines for artistic and service disciplines.
    • Guide service development plans in new discipline areas, lead internal business plans for artistic services and pipelines.
    • Evaluate opportunities for improving workflow processes, communication, and developing team skills.
    • Create bright exhibitions and proposals to effectively interface department goals across locations and site-specific.
    • Should be able to travel to the United States and potentially to PlayStation locations around the world.


    • 10 years Plus of knowledge in game or film production and having led or supervised teams on multiple concurrent projects.
    • Knowledge with development and execution requirements of AAA game assets.
    • Bachelor of Arts, Commerce degree or equivalent industry experience.
    • Experience, skills and knowledge to manage a team of 3D artists and technical artists from multiple artistic disciplines, potentially including concept art, blocking, interactive environmental assets, level and cinematic lighting, shaders , visual effects, and in-game and pre-rendered cutscenes.
    • Skills of the terminology, processes and software associated with these disciplines is required.
    • Understand the different art functions and dependencies within a game art pipeline, and how to organize and oversee artists to collaborate and complete their assignments.
    • Excellent understanding of how engineering and technical art work within the organization and how to work with the engineer to define the demand for tools and technical support.
    • Possess strong technical knowledge and experience in 3D computer graphics production.
    • Understand production requirements for planning, communication and risk management.

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    Art Director, Creative Director, Design Director, Head Of The Community



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