Joshua Tree Residence: A Container House That Seems A Flower

Joshua Tree Residence is spreading all its splendor like a blooming flower in the desert.

The structure was designed by the London-based Whitaker Studio. It was named The Joshua Tree Residence since it is situated in the homonymous desert, Joshua Tree National Park, at the gathering point between the Mojave desert and the lower Colorado desert. The American National Park is acclaimed for the magnificence of its landscape, for the incredible assortment of greenery, the tough mountains, the relinquished gold mines and for the most shot tree on the planet, the “Joshua Tree”.

The idea of building this house came back in 2017, while a client was visiting with friends his area situated in Joshua Tree. Surrounded by this wild landscape one of friends felt inspired and shown the image of an office designed by Whitaker Studio years ago, but never built. “And so it came to pass that next time the client was in London he got in touch and asked to meet up.”, clarifies studio founder James Whitaker.

That idea was then transposed to the desert location. Arranged on their 90-section of land plot, the house sits on a mountainside traversing a wash, where stormwater has made a little gorge in the scene. The house is situated over 200 square meters and it recalls the petals of a desert flower. The container “exoskeleton” raised on concrete pilotis, allows water to continue to pass underneath. Every container is orientated to maximize the view over the landscape or to utilize the geography to give needed privacy, all depending upon the individual utilize.

The outside surfaces of the containers are painted a splendid white to reflect light from the hot desert sun. The inside is equally captivating and includes 3 ensuite bedrooms, a kitchen, living room. An adjacent car garage is powered by sun panels, providing all the energy expected to the house. During the concept making process Albert Taylor from AKT II gave counseling regarding the functional structure of the house. The Joshua Tree Residence was made for Chris Hanley, a renowned producer (“American Psycho”) from Los Angeles who has an passion for creative projects.

All images, courtesy of Whitaker Studio

Photographer: Joshua Tree Renders

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