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Kathleen Meier Turns Ordinary Scenes Into Unique Shots In ‘Hostilités Sourdes’

When we walk around the streets of a crowded city, we are immediately consumed by the advertising banners around us, without even noticing it and we tend to dismiss some little details that are full of meaning and serenity. Kathleen Meier turns these details into thoughtful photos that provoke the viewer to visit the deep layers of their unconscious. She exposes a different perspective of what a photographer’s eye can see. Meir culminated in her studies in the Conde Schools and is currently living in the riverside city of Nancy, France. Dedicating her time, mind, and soul to the world seen through viewfinders and lenses.

Amongst her mindful series, we find Hostilités Sourdes; whether is an emotion or a history each photograph is telling something and you can easily connect with them and relate them to your own personal emotions, thoughts, fears and wishes. The exquisite merge between Meier’s eyes and natural light turns ordinary scenes into unique shots that go beyond the regular commercial use of photography. The precision in which she develops her work causes simplicity and elegance. It is so natural that it seems that the photograph takes itself, without the help of structure or planning. The aesthetic lines of the modern architecture give our brain the comfort that is needed after the noisy and clustered chaos the capitalistic era has caused.  No exaggerated smiles, positions or simulated poses, just the human condition at its natural form.

All images, courtesy of artist: Kathleen Meier

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