Lauryna Narkeviciute Combines Sound And Visuals In Her “Performa” Project


Those with synesthesia see cognitive visuals whenever they hear sound, the visual artist Lauryna Narkeviciute has purposely evoked this unique reaction through using new techniques displayed for us in her “Performa” project. The “Performa” project is multidisciplinary, it unites composers with various digital creators requiring them to work off of each other’s creative gifts to express deep, rich, independent visual music formulations that are organic, malleable, but aesthetically conjoined.


The relationship between visual art and music is as old as human expression, often stories and literature became performance art requiring song to sustain or heighten latent emotionality. This idea evolved into the symphonic poem which was later overcome by the symphonic sketch, but Narkevicutes’ idea differs because the totality of her sounds and visuals exist independent of each other, but once they are reunited, perfectly meld serving to contextualize its pair through a formulated estimation.


When abstractions of black glass and glistening inks are displayed beside chirping metallic notes and deep caustic vibrations, this unity produces a new iterative expression that is both and neither just sound or image. Through this project, Narkeviciute seeks for the pure space where aesthetic vibrations are absorbed through our perceptual means with the intent of ultimately becoming one totalizing expression or thought within us.



For more information, visit the Lauryna Narkeviciute website

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