Miio Studio’s AIRA Is A Sustainable Electric Food Delivery Scooter


Miio Studio‘s AIRA is a sustainable electric food delivery scooter that serves as an air purifier while it manoeuvres through the congested urban landscape. Through the use of a patented purifying stone that sits between the vehicles handlebars as if a jewel in an emperor’s crown, because of its ecoGranic prefab concrete composition, when airborne pollutants come into contact with it, it breaks them down through natural oxidization and purifies the air.


The AIRA’s airless tires are just as inventive, made of eco friendly mesh spokes and thermoplastic resin, they are developed as a first of their kind by the world’s largest rubber company Bridgestone, which is located in Tokyo. The size, composition and simplicity of the AIRA make it an ideal transportation vehicle that leaves a zero carbon footprint while doing a little good at every use.




For more information, visit the Miio Studio website

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