Miysis Pays Tribute to Notre-Dame With A Glass Roofed Rendition


The renderings accomplished by Miysis 3D Studio are endearingly realistic.

The studio has released a tribute to Notre Dame de Paris with a glass roofed rendition of what the historical landmark could in the future resemble. Through 19 exquisite images, the Miysis 3D team went to meticulous lengths to show-off their inventive capacities which are displayed perfectly through their awe inspiring architectural designs.


What stands out about this tribute is how the team has announced a solemn forest space topped by a triangle faceted glass topped roof; which allows consistent views of a new spire made identically after the original, but is built from fresh materials. This imagined proposal took the building’s history and cultural importance into consideration, and the studio did not seek to innovate in the direction of changing the Churches famous silhouette but only to respectfully modernise it.


The cathedral itself aside, the rendering’s use of light and warmth add spirit to what this building could be if ever conceived. When 3D renderings are so authentic as to allow viewers the space to imagine smelling interior woods, or reflecting on how they would be able to recollect or pray in its peacefully welcoming spaces, becomes a feat worthy of universal praise.



For more information, visit the Miysis 3D Studio website

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