Murugiah Approaches Art With A Distinctive Perspective

_Murugiah is a multidisciplinary artist who uses diverse mediums to express his fluid, lively, imaginatively wild artistic concepts. Working in graphite, charcoal, digital pen and painting, his lyrical depictions fall into categories just as varied as his ways of conveying them. His work at times have a Frida Kahlo like nativism, while at others are of concrete abstract shapes that move as if dancing; while at others, are of pop cultural figures such as Spiderman wearing Jordan 1’s: but the movement and lyricism tie all these together.

_Murugiahs’ illustrative process relies on drawing sketches which are then digitized and redrawn as rastor lines or line vectors. These outlines are then colorized with finesse and much attention. These same hand sketches can also become drafts for full scale paintings which he has created and débuted at gallery exhibitions. Because he is a melding of cultures himself, being both Welsh and Sri Lankan, _Murugiah has a distinctive approach as with a naturally rare perspective.




For more information, visit the Murugiah website

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