Self-Repairing Nylon, Imperial Motion’s New Nano Cure Tech Project

Imperial Motion is an American brand whose ideal, “Never Established…Always Evolving” is proven in its latest collection. If you’re an outdoor person and your clothes end up suffering from your wilderness adventures – getting caught on tree branches, puncturing holes – then Imperial Motion’s Nano Cure Tech is for you. The emphasis of the collection lies in self-repairing nylon – by removing the object and rubbing the fabric together, the holes will ultimately disappear. While it sounds impossible, Imperial Motion has successfully broken through this barrier with their new project.  

As described, NCT is a water-resistant nylon material having capabilities of self-reparation. Through double side pressure and finger heat, punctures can be easily repaired. In addition, the reinforced fibers forge additional support and fortification. Nonetheless, it is important to note it only works with small-sized holes, so It wouldn’t be suggested to make an NCT jacket a hole-filled Halloween costume.

As of now NCT has released three jackets – a windbreaker, a packable jacket, and a coaches jacket – in a variety of colours alongside backpacks and bags, perfect for everyday use or for travels in the outdoors. The revolutionising idea behind Nano Tech Cure follows Imperial Motion’s slogan of always evolving and never establishing itself in the known and the comfort of the present. Through this, they are hoping to ultimately become a central brand in reforming the lifestyle clothing realm of today.

All images, courtesy of Imperial Motion

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