Studio Aisslinge Designs A Retro-Futuristic Pharmacy

Everyone enters a pharmacy at least once during their lifetime.

People are used to imagine this place with the white-dressed pharmacist in front of dim wood shelfs and cabinet units covering the dividers from floor to roof. To the same image belongs the individual contact and advises between the chemist and the client. Today digitalisation did not just scatter the personal connection to the pharmacists; the visual appearance and the haptic component of the pharmacy space changed and even vanished by and large. Today, many online shops are shipping specific drugs to your doorstep; a service that accommodates us more and more. This virtualisation of quotidian life demonstrate a continuous redesign of the human world considering a widely inclusive utilitarian enhancement.

STUDIO AISSLINGER designs spaces that don’t preclude the digitalisation, but ensure the likelihood of genuine sociability through their simple, haptic and visual quality; spaces of unassuming conjunction with most advanced technologies. The pharmacy at Schultheiss Quartier Berlin rediscovers the experience of a place, where individuals enjoy visit and feel secure to request help, whose emanation imparted trust and showed the sovereignty of up and coming science and innovation.

The natural colours make customers feel cozy and warm. The spatial design pursues the concept of free motion: No counter predetermines where the client must go, no hindrance gets in his direction. Easygoing seating permits to sit and rest, walls made of glass blocks turn the strict division among dispensary and the laboratory translucent. Nothing is covered up. The programmed medication stockpiling is central in the pharmacy, enabling the customer to watch robot at work: a quick grabber climbs and down the shelfs, picking and passing the exact drug chosen by the chemist for each particular treatment.

All images: Studio Aisslinge

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