Sushi Singularity Uses Customer’s Biometric Data To 3D-Print Customised Meal


Open Meals is a Japanese conceptual design studio with a clear focus on the future of food. The team has recently introduced a restaurant concept that will evaluate a customer’s saliva, feces, and urine data to create 3D-printed sushi. The collection of biometric data help tailor sushi to the nutritional needs of the customer. The futuristic food will respect the nutritional requirements of the individual organism and will contain the specific nutrients needs.

Sushi Singularity will open in 2020 offering 3D-printed sushi based on customer's biometric data

The restaurant will send to customer a biological sample kit two weeks prior to the dinner date at Sushi Singularity. With the analysed information, the restaurant will gather a nutrients profile that will be essentially printed into sushi. The individual health ID, containing the biodata, will be uploaded onto machines that will create sushi with nutrients that the individual is lacking.

The restaurant will send a biological sample kit to customer two-weeks prior to their meal

Although Open Meals has not yet determined the precise method to make the sushi, a series of industrial mechanisms, including a CNC machine, a 3D printer and robotic arms will be involved to build the sushi. The meal will feature complex shapes and textures.

The collected data will be used to determine the nutrients needs for each individual's meal

Open Meals focus on the future of food and believes that customised meals will become increasingly popular. As we find written on their website: “Hyper-personalization will become common for future foods. Based on DNA, urine and intestinal tests, people will each have individual health IDs. This identity is analyzed and nutritional matching is performed to match nourishment needs with biometrics, thus the person is automatically provided with the optical diet.”

People will have each individual health ID to get customized sushi


For more information, visit the Open Meals website

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