Teslasuit: The World’s First Completely Integrated Smart Clothing Apparel

Image: Teslasuit

Brand: Teslasuit

Project Name: Teslasuit

Description: At CES 2019 was unveiled Teslasuit, the world’s first completely integrated smart clothing apparel. A group of worldwide specialists worked with a common mission – realise an immersive environment that cancel the difference between real and virtual. Teslasuit has integrated the technology that allows its user to touch and feel through the digital medium. Made from a smart textile, the hi-tech suit transfers the sensations from VR to real body through electrical impulse. A mini computer identifies the whole body motion with a highly precision. It allows to feel also the environment temperature changes thanks to a control system. A smart fabrics combined to cutting edge technologies offers to its users comfortability. It is easy to use, absolutely wire-free, has universal compatibility with the existing devices and is washable.

Sergei Nossoff, Chief Executive Officer said: “Teslasuit as a platform solution for XR Training generated great interest and demand from enterprises. Teslasuit offers an integrated approach to solve corporate training requirements. The synergy of several systems allows for simulating conditions more realistically and to monitor the state of well-being of the trainee.”

Image: Teslasuit

Image: Teslasuit

Image: Teslasuit

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