The “Ethereal” Chair By Marc Fish Reimagines The Oceanic Majesty


Reimagining the untameable opulence of oceanic majesty is the favorite past time of world renown bespoke industrial designer, Marc Fish.

Miraculous, refined, sculptural, and preternatural, his works intentionally defy convention, reforming the created order after his own image. Fishs’ newest work titled, Ethereal chair, is a sycamore resin tour de force whose genetic architecture whispers inspirations from twisted, sunlight illuminated strands of suspended oceanic Golden Kelp.


Its lyrical organic movement is akin to biological triskelion angles, or molecular models with a protein like curvilinear complexity. Light to the sight with a trochus shell’s pearlescent sheen, this artifact seems weightless because of its precise command of negative space. His meticulously complicated constructional methods often rely upon layering thousands of paper-thin wafer-like slat laminates, which are then fused together by epoxy resin in a process called micro stack lamination.

Fishs’ Robinson House studio located in the United Kingdom, is renowned for pioneering this micro stack technique and has won prestigious guild awards. As for conceptualization, Fishs’ designs are first articulated through drawings which are then made into computer-aided drafts, which are then 3d printed into bases which are used as foundations that he applies the still flexible micro stacks around.


These still supple stacks are then vacuum sealed to underlying molds in a bench membrane press so they assume new drastic naturalistic forms. Just as nature is building upon lattices of microscopic structures, Fish has, in a sense, revolutionized the natural process, aiding it through foresight, technology, and handcraft, to achieve new iterations of what has traditionally always been. The Ethereal chair is alike to both nothing and everything we’ve seen; it is composed as if to be quiet applause towards creation’s majesty.


For more information, visit the Marc Fish website

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