Untitled Army Art Pieces Contain Universal Metaphors


What began as a stress relief transformed into something more. Untitled Army, an ongoing art collective by New York-based artist Lucas Camargo, features 3D artworks created using digital tools. Camargo began the project ten years ago when looking for a creative space to express greater depth and emotion through his work. “The pieces are very simple and have a lot of layers,” says Camargo. “I compare them almost to Tarot cards. They are coming from my unconscious mind, and they contain universal metaphors that everyone can relate.”

While Untitled Army is deeply entrenched in the modern using 3D printing tools and animation, there’s a nod to a more traditional practice: Camargo sketches all his ideas on a notepad and is starting to incorporate oil painting into his work.


This sense of nostalgia reappears in Camargo’s artwork titles–standouts include “I Contact and “Private Jacuzzi of Despair”– inspired by favorite lines from songs and movies. Camargo explains, “The different titles started as a complement piece, to bend the interpretations. They have this little poetry statement that expands each visual idea.”


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