Upscale Visual Effects Developed By Lukas Vojir And Alexa Sirbu

flow/er a personal collaboration of Lukas Vojir with Alexa Sirbu

The trim and elegant visual aesthetic branded by Lukas Vojir and Alexa Sirbu beguile the beholder in all of its lustrous graphic magnificence. A grade of flawlessness seems to be embedded in each of their digital illustrations.

The concepts demonstrated are modernly experimental and avant-garde, attesting to the London-based artists creative intelligence and ideology.

flow/er a personal collaboration of Lukas Vojir with Alexa Sirbu

The imaginative realm of Vojir and Sirbu plays into chromatic fantasies full of riveting perception. It is captivating to watch renderings of all kinds of textures become animated in their body of work.

Particulate and liquid motion manipulation pique a sensory appreciation among viewers. The graphic designers construct a perceptual experience that engages a tactile aspect into it, bathing the computed visual in an organic surrealism.

Lukas Vojir For VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop

A premium embodiment of this can be observed in the work associated with London Symphony Orchestra’s new season campaign. Motion capture lays at the foundation of this work and it is exciting to watch the embellishment unfold in vigor.

The imagery is floral and botanic. The idea behind the film is that the intricate grandeur and melodious melange of an orchestra all culminates to “a single seed.”

Lukas Vojir For London Symphony Orchestra

Vojir and Sirbu revered style and conceptual ingenuity has received attention from clients such as Nike, Adidas, Squarespace, Apple, and Microsoft. The luxuriously creative nature of their work continues to receive praise from all.

Lukas Vojir-Visual Atelier 8-Art-Digital-4.jpg

All images, courtesy of artist Lukas Vojir

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