VA8 weekly selection #4

We may like the video, we may like the song.

Antsy – Cosmic love

Michael Rice – Reasons Feat. Amberlind

JakobLindhagen – Here, before

marc indigo – What is love

Princis – Vida världen

ROE- Alarms

Le Jank – Staying Tuned With

No Fltr – Without a care Feat. Cl3ctic

Idris Elba – Biggest

Think Denim – Nothing Left Feat. dad

Alec Orachi – Trouble is an Enemy

Teddie Collinz – Fighter

NEWSKI – Why even bother?

Alex Vargas – Pages

Guru Zo – Still True

Hannah Laing – Don`t Wanna Go Feat. Stephen Kirkwood

Whitson – House in the hills

Trace Money – Everytime

Jouska – Why`d you leave me in the red?

Ahrix – Idlelife

Under the reefs Orchestra – Mendoza

Barny Fletcher – Intergalactic

Chris Mardini – Throw

Wasafiri – The creator has a master plan

Wayne Wesley Johnson – Boulevard Rendezvous Ft. Tony Exum, Jr, YOSMEL

Smokey Motel – Bodies

Mood 5 – Love Time

Kengdom – Vices

Sly Johnson – Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin

DJ Abyss – Times of free life

Honey Jar – Graceful Girl

Ari Joshua – Contact Feat. Robert Glasper, KJ Sawka & Jason Frat

Fast Guns – Thylacine

Ceyeo -Summer Love

Herine – Cigarettes & Promises

DemarcoTheMan – Xotel Rooms

The Scarlet Opera – The place to be

Rodolphe Coster and band – Seagulls fly on highways

Destiny Imani – Again

IDBS – Vermin

Bot Beats – Signals

sakasa – In spice

samxo – my therapist hates u

TheOdicy – Inkling

Haenzel – Strangers Feat. We left as lions

Global Hypersynth – Whirlpool

Sage Castelberry – I kinda like it

poptoken – Living My Fantasy

Winter Games – Had 2 go Feat. Alisa Raike

Elle Chante – Hazy

Mercy Valley – haunted

Sweetheart in Dutch – Tear Down

The away days – Life after love

R. F. Coleman – I couldn`t trust

Scott Lippitt – Insight in Time

Tommy Alexander – Backslide

Mad Decorator! – Emanate

Talek – Emulsion de nos songessur la voie lactée

Kristopher – Into you

Space Case – Weird

John Patitucci Trio – Mali

Warhaus – Desire

Chance Green – The other side

Groucho – Dapper Dan

SV – How did it feel Feat. Ariana Celaeno

NoPenBen – Had to do Feat. Chain999

Eyecall – Stars

momoyo – Shut

Jynx – Avocado Toast and Coffee

Swiss Banks – Getaway

ELZA – Give your love

Jem – Lost


BREAK ME DOWN – Breack In Feat. Vitali Mats

Dana Shanti – Dreams are made of

Arcus – Indevildual

Jac Beth – Heroine

Star 2 – New Me Feat. Soulja Boy & Luh Kel

Rylo – Waste off

CerVonCampbell – again. Feat. Spose, Jacqui Siu, Schlee

Forest Zero – All my friends are dead

Damien Ridgen – Up in flames

venus on the rocks – first of september

The Wheel Workers – Morning Song

Dacris – Imagine (Help for Kerem) Feat. AnaiD

Slyyy – Say whatchu say

Well Wisher – Miserable

Ashtenn – Persephone

I used to be Sam – Forgiveness

Bad Proxy – VOID WALKER Feat. Travellr

Roze Wild – B-O-D-Y

VAMERO – Open Up Feat. Arem Ozguc, Arman Aydin

Unheard Sirens Inc. – Altered Egos

The Alchemy – Flawless

Ahbril – The Lines

Josh One – Heartbeat Feat. LordJAG

Izzy Perri – Quick Decisions

daddi – Laced

Sir Will – Weight Up

Lux Prima – Hulants

Mike Kennedy – Love like this

Oli Fox – Half as Much

Obi Ben – Twin Falme

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