VA8 Weekly selection #6

We may like the video, we may like the song.

Mashville -Rise Up Feat. Jada Arnell, caleb Minter

NIKOLI – First Time

Dilettante – Keep Time

Maella – Tudu Tudu tu

Fab & Jones – Stay to Myself

SalBe – Sundays

Jason van Wyk – All this time

TFD – Him

OKAY! KENJI – see the stars Feat. Miruku

Kate Dineen – Invest

tired void – solace

Emily Daccarett – Pieces

yung pope – Lipstick on a cigarette

Yvlz – A late arrival

GoGo Penguin – Erased by sunlight

HAYUNG – Bad Blood

Mase Well – Lightning

S.C.A.B. – Why do I dream of you

meowmeow! – SSLM

Sam Strauss – Writer`s block

Gema Lotta – Filipina

Graham Coe – Since you came along

The Scary Part – Coast to coast

Daze DaVinci – Drought

Alexandrina – Magnetic eyes

Ace Buchannon – Breathe

Maxx Gawd – Heel of a night Feat. Zoume, Dev Gajan

CHROMANCE – Lollipop (Yum bi dum like Bubblegum)


Loosejoxx – Tranquil Heights

Harri Georgio – Beat Life

lil ink – i still miss u Feat. The48thFloor

The lost weekend – You are

Graphinity – Too Long Feat. Dane Amar, Certt

Whethan – Fall out girl Feat. Zai1k

Jim and Sam – House on Fire

Rachel Bochner – Graduation

Adieus – Pandadrum Feat. Ekoya

Ella Beyer – Sinatra

Kairiko – Tevkik Fikret

maja matusiak – The hardest pill

Avro Arvo – Luminous Skies

Lynda Flix – Obsedded

KAYKO – Time of your life

The Indigo Child – Say it`s alright Feat. Lynnet Nayade

ABSYTE – Rosay Feat. Da Grynch

F/L/P – Ride with ya Feat. DAMOYEE

Joshua Aaron Hoskins – You never loved me

Harper`s gambit – Yesterday`s Dreams

Matt Nye – Yesterday`s

Spirit Duo Band – I lost my stuff

Exit – A lesson in NFL Blitz

NEAV – Say Goodbye

3615 Nuits Blanches – Discothèque

Mansfield – Chasing after you

Christian Löffler – New Fires

Lucy Robinson – Reverie

SEBASTIAN MARKUS – Sound of alarms

SRRY – Summer Breack Up

Yoshi Flower – Try living

Asha – House with a view

Anna-Rose Clayton – OUCH!

Maluma – Junio

Sofia Clon – Cuaquier momento, el recuerdo

The Monochromes – Graveyard Shift

Zerbin – Love and Emotion – Lv+Em=s∑∆

Tom Meighan – Shout it out

doc backer – amerika

Ryann Barnes – Bitter Rainbows


Mad Meg – Beyond Repair

Kadi Louise – GOOD DAYS

3xzed – Got me feeling so

Juno Arcade -Alibis and Chances

Josephine Genais – Encore

Matt Sahadi – Wild & Young

Meresha – Fire On

Edgar Alvis – Hit the wall Feat. Blush Wilson

59 Perlen – Swim to you

7vvch – Bunny Girl Feat. Sinny

The Ohohohs – Appasionata

Rita Over – New Chapter

KIRK – Dreamcore

Lesley Pike – Paper Thin

CHAPTERS – High Time

Zach Hood – when she was mine

58918012 – Water

Trebor – How fast a dollar goes

$atori Zoom – HA! Feat. Nortmirage

Rayl – Summertime Feat. Erin B

Stan Molenaar – Neighbour Lady

Wilou – For the first time Feat. Kiiwi

Posh Chocolates – Back 2 U

John Haage – In my mind

Rikas – Never leaving the house

Raised on TV – Strangers in Pictures

Deep Waters – Daughter

Mister Bunny – Love for the autumn

Oskar With K – Borrowed Time

Jackii Kennedy – I hate Florida

Puck – Beat Friend

Gpe Butta – Traitor

Kicklighter – Pavement

Atroxity – Super High (signs are in the sky)

YOUNGMORPHEUS – Distant Place Feat. Joe ArmonJones

ProjectP – Lost To Myself

Oli Kuster – Simca

Dziemian -With you Feat. Maestro Chives & Quattro


Reines – New Tune

Double Vanity – Beauty Weaponised

Chloe Mayse – Two Weeks

PawPaw Rod – Beautiful

Izzi Stone – Hey Hey

Keatsu – Night Life Feat. Poor Petal

Candice Long – Why do I still think of you

1truthmusic – 1cold2theflow

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