We may like the video, we may like the song.

Lowly Light – Get over yourself


apollonio – OCD

Micah Frank & Chet Doxas – Silva Ignis

dead motel – Golden Hour

Qwiet Type – Try not to notice

Sophia Bavishi – Fragile Heart

Kel Adore – Fool for the pain

Avi Snow – California Sun Feat. Cory Young

February – all good

Noah FontinoYoung – Cold Calls

Petra Black – Black Square

Peter Harris – Long Journey home

Moonlight Scorpio – New Beginnings Feat. Equanimous, Nyrus

Broken Fires – Trouble

Chasing Vampires – Not Satisfied

Surf Dads – Unstuck from the Middle

Beauts – Cave

2DaCore – Lost in mind

Heart Tide – Miss your calls

Love Fiend – Rock N Roll Pizza Man

Broken Fires – Trouble

Asian Boys, crying – embraces 23 (a shitty love song)

ttypes – I remember in the time of dangerous groups

Spencer Maybe – Should I Go

O F N Ø R t H – THIS

Patrick Barry – You got it

7700 – Acattered Pieces

GLOSSER – Disco Girls

Amber Ikeman – The magic and the mess

Cards – graduate

joan – don`t wanna be your friend


Robert Connely Farr – Shake It

Steven Weston – Paradise Lie

ce qui nous traverse – Cosmique II

Sarah Shafey – This is my throne

Saga Sígurðsdottír – Kálfafjall

Coleson Dilbeck – Dependance

Jon Campbell – Fool`s gold

The art of the Sun – Chonyi Bardo from Earth to Space

Vince & The Valhola Empire – Forever Feat. ADN Lewis

Noel Sanger – Falling Upward

x6Jade – alone

Sassie – OTR

Blaine Mason – ZANGGG

Nawy – Forever Feat. Eryn Young

Sebastian Müller – Avalanche

AtLeastFour – Birthright

Ghostwoods – Termincal Bliss

Just Another Dollar – Price Tag

Solve4x – Here in my solitude

Stony Point – Live Room (Hafod)

Kyro – Like Me

Frank Black – Supposed to be

Frank Black – Suposed to be

PHEA – When I`m falling

Lucid Ness – a green sky

Cyrille Champagne – Venus Swimmers

Jenny Ki – Porcelain Doll

Drama Dolls – I hate your face

Converse Basin – The game we play

DanielFromSalem – Evil

Spiderwebs & Foam – Westwood

Bobby Thibs – Something

Avi Snow – Last night a DJ saved my life Feat. iRO

Metrokid – Summerfield

FCG Heem – Shallow Side Baby Feat. Rob49

for moses – Conquering the Night

Brothers Page – Campfire

Evan Mix – All the temptations avoided

Death Party Playground – Summer Fang

VARPU – Hardcore

Yajin – Baby G

Quest LA – Distance

Vishaal Ganesh- Fomo

Francisco Martin – freack show


Jaime Deraz – Sadie

Vlad Khr – Dark Substance

Claire Davis – Long Gone

Tedioud & Brief – Tired Work

Zack Martino – GT_Ofice`s Never together remix

Frankie Carbone – Hot Fudge Sunday

Jen Ash – Crush on you

BRVMAS – Sun Dera

Cosmo Gold – Stranger

Claire Coupland – 1000 miles from a dream

Eight Two – Love and Gravity

Thorisson – Easy on me Feat. Seersha

Bobby JaGGerJack – Love Letter

Candy Dulfer – Jammin` Tonight Feat. Nile Rodgers

JVXN – Solar Shine

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