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VA8`s weekly selection #2

We may like the video, we may like the song.

Izzy Kershaw – The power of god and anime

Dacris – Don´t waste my time

Uncool Paul – Plastic Aspirations

Marianne Flemming – Something has to give

Rise Ascend – Giza Corridors

Chaze Tremaine – Middle of my words

Indi Faulkner – Reality

DÉTA – I don´t care if you don´t care

Kazyak – Never saw the sun

Miko Spinelli – Peaceful Horizons

Yelmur – How we hide

Fredrik5000 – Obvious

Tired all the time – Elohim

AuraChild -Never enough Feat. Coruja

Abri – Higher

We Are Mono – Rojo

Akiyan – Steps

Bradley Gentz & Jaden Bojsen – Freak Like Me

PENNYWILD – Take it Over

Blaue Blume – Country

Phogg – Keep Up

Thomas Lemmer – The Power of Love

Arina Mai – Dynamite

Reuben Medlin – Emma

Sofi Gev – Stay Awake

Lucid Kidd – Smooth Sailing


Sierra Coloma – 20.1.9

young friend – “HAND ME DOWN”

Bree Whitworth – Ocean Highway

Remek Kossacz – Colored Corners

Roundtrip to Tiny – Waves Aren’t Proud

Mark Wilkinson – Grafton St.

Cosmo Gold – Wildflowers

Vinny Alfano – Your Face, pt.3

Thee Millionaire and his Magnetic Syncopations – Bouncy Bouncy

NOT A TOY – Gutter Kid

Hunting – Piano Fire

Caye – Dopamine

Ry Hill – Gotta get that

Bnnyhunna – feelings mutual? – Traffic Feat. Yasper

djoey – Love Stories Feat. T Shan

Gavriel – Hoy can I love Feat. Gelf

Neil MacLeod – Taller than trees

Cutouts – Narc

Qwiet Type – I want more

Ciao Malz – One Legged Race

Fati Morgana – Dopamine Attack

Karaboudjian – Upside Down

The Big Sway – With

Moan – We

The collection – Sorry Baby

Slic – 2real

Foxx Eastmountain – Afraid

Lynda Carter`s Human and Divine – Dave Audé Remix

Abøn Music – Firefly

The Silver Bars – So it goes

Hedcanon – Melomanic


Mother Vulture – Homemaker

something else – Let it go

Bizarrefae – Sequoia

No Wukkas – Awkward Positions

LEEPA – so far it just sucked

Leah Weller – Freedom

Abby Sage – Backwards Directions

Hayden J Barlow – night combat

WEDONT – true lov dont lie

Eva Forte – Home

1rec.record – abuki

J Cru – “Better Off”

Jonas Colstrup – Rain from a blue sky

Karolina – Ready for juju Feat. Jenny Penkin

Old Sea Brigade – Monochrome

KingTay – Feels Good

Snark – Vuxenvärlden

Maze Cricket – JuiceBox

My Pleasure – A decent excuse

Jake Adler – Heart won`t let me

Beach for tiger – Craving


Kodiak Arcade – You and me

Bunny Machete – Role Call

Hunter Ellis – This is your card

Josh Tepper – Built me

Saachisen – The Gap

.aali – Strip

juice – Libra

Aftab Hafeez – Commakazi

The best arround – Kissing your ass

SYNFLEX – Destructo spin feat. Rx

Kiushu – Time to inhale

S.C.A.B. – Tuesday

Art of the State – This is Love

Villows – Distant

HOAX – Wasting Time

Romi Chase – When I Was Your Man (Bruno Mars)

Ryan Mills Presents – Show Me feat. Mamadou & Akrobatik

Mark Hamilton – Help! (The Beatles)

ludi – The Palimpsest (Original Mix)

Harry Cleverdon – Just For a While

ZUSO – Aura

BHōpFul – Who I Are?

ALVIDO – Sense

Cholosus – Inertia

Lerocque – Rock Bottom

POLUN (寶麟) – Over ft. Anthony Arthur

Farveblind – Rock N Rolla

Kevin Dorff – Just Like That

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