Victor Mosquera’s Alluring Illustrations Exude Spiritual Peace


For zealous, heavenly illustrations, look no further than the works of Victor Mosquera. You might have seen his characteristic design on the big screen at the Kid Cudi set at Coachella this year, or perhaps a tour announcement graphic for American electronic duo Odesza.


Mosquera very clearly puts enormous thought into his design, elevating it to an otherworldly caliber. The choice in pastel, soft coloration appeases the delicate side in all of us. But you can also find a series of illustrations in black and white that pack just as much of a punch as their vibrant counterparts.


Then there are the divine beings that dwell in these illustrations, exuding peace and a deeper call for meaning. These seemingly higher beings appear weightless and totally zen. It seems that Mosquera finds particular elements and focuses on cultivating a story, as if open to interpretation for viewers.


The aesthetic is fascinatingly celestial and pushes viewers to engage with a world they are unfamiliar with. His specific style is entirely original and brands him in the field of art. It is no surprise that his work has been featured on album covers of bands like La Dispute and even on arms of fans as tattoos. Victor Mosquera has made a name for himself and many exciting things are expected from this artist in the future.



For more information, visit the Victor Mosquera website

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