We may like the video, we may like the song.

Sasi Shalom – Nedyaj

Estella Dawn – Winners

Moeski X – Nothing Left

Nea & the Regulars – Snake Eye Popsicle


Adult Fantasy Novel – Innovator

KARTA – Kenzo

Grace Kuraska – Torn

sumthin sumthin – Magenta

Echezona – TMH Feat. JPRiZM

Goo- Q – So here I Am

Souls Extolled – Self-Mutilation

Skipping Shavasana – Incomplete

Lucifers Beard – The guy with a black eye

Tired all the time – Regrets

Murmur Tooth – Antidote Feat. Lars Moston

Everything but the Everything – Never Said Feat. Sophia Prise

Wizard Death – intro

Dkupe – Remember to dance

Goodnight Sunrise – Footsteps in the Dark

morrisda – The way backwards

Basi – Titanic Feat. Mikos Da Gawd

Stellar Ash – Be OK

ISA – Message to the old me

Christopher St. Mitchell – M.A.R.S. Feat. Mike Chiarappa

St. Lucia – Gimme the night

Daisy the great – Liar

Lerocque – I`m Alright

chloe moriondo – Plastic Purse

Almost Normal – Thief Motif

Ben Wolf – Truth Untold

Dave McKendry – For Yourself

CHISTEENE – Lo paid runway model

Amateur von Weltruf – Leaving Home

goodheart – Make me feel

Biggi Maus – Please don`t go Feat. Rósa Ómars

Berkley Roth – IMOK/UROK

bocce – Annie

YKARE – runaway

Shea Michael – The intro Feat. Illmac

Mergui – Paradise

Anthony Menzia – What happened to my secret girl?

José Pérez Vargas – Psicosis

Bob Meanza – Seesaw / Quiet summons

Most Unlikely – Sun

Alba Rose – Mountains Feat. Serebii

Orionblues – Backtalk

VOLO – Prismaflow

The Cabaret Quicksand – Seeing things I didn`t before

Nadia Kamrath – James

Jon Ososki – Socialization Saturation

Überhaupt & Außerdem – Champaign Society

Change – My sister bytes

Edmonton – Pis for party

Khamari – Drifting

Mister Lovemore – Need you (Mary Jane) Feat. Stewart Hidalgo

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