The ORAE is Single Person Household Food Storage

ORAE is Single-Person Household Food Storage


In response to the growing number of single-person households struggling with food management, a team has developed a groundbreaking solution known as ORAE: Smart Food Keeper. Recognizing the challenges of determining what food can be stored in the refrigerator and for how long, the creators devised ORAE with innovative features aimed at simplifying food storage and minimizing waste.

The hypothesis behind ORAE’s design revolves around categorizing food storage methods into container storage, finished products, and plastic packaging. Seeking to enhance these methods, the team explored the integration of vacuum packaging technology to facilitate easier determination of food consumption and freshness.

At the heart of its vertical vacuum packaging system, facilitated by a unique six-sided vacuum suction hinge. This feature allows users to effortlessly seal food in plastic bags with just one hand, ensuring optimal freshness and preservation. Additionally, the device incorporates a roll plastic bag refill mechanism, accessible through a lid that emerges upon detaching the RFID labeler.

ORAE is Single-Person Household Food Storage

It boasts a built-in weight measurement scale, enabling precise portioning and distribution of food items. To streamline the vacuum packaging process, the device employs a sequential approach involving a plastic bag outlet, cutter, vacuum sucker, and heating wire, ensuring efficient sealing and preservation. Addressing specific challenges faced by single-person households, ORAE integrates advanced technologies such as RFID labeling and camera recognition. The RFID labeling system facilitates inventory tracking, while the inclusion of camera recognition enhances usability and functionality.

One of ORAE’s standout features is its innovative RFID labeling system, which enables users to track food inventory based on usage. By destroying the RFID label upon consumption, users can effortlessly manage their food stock and reduce waste effectively.ORAE represents a significant advancement in single-person household food storage, offering a comprehensive solution to common challenges.

ORAE is Single-Person Household Food Storage
ORAE is Single-Person Household Food Storage

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