The Malleable Collection By Ada Sokol And

The Malleable Collection By Ada Sokol And

Continuation of the personal project “Malleable” brought life to a full jewellery collection created in collaboration with – niche jewellery brand, known for its finest metallurgic quality. Melancholia reinterprets traditional jewellery forms by giving each individual piece a symbolic, almost magical meaning. 

Motivation behind the project:
As a longtime admirer of jewellery in any shape and form, my dream was to be a part of the designing process of the collection itself, not only in visualizing it. Before, I was working on 2 fictional jewellery brands with Etienne Garachon, and it awoke a deep need within me to create a physical collection.

As a result, I have spent a lot of time searching for the right collaboration partners with whom I could share similar passion, energy and aesthetic taste.
Nowadays, in opposition to consumerism, I believe that responsibility lies with the buyer – each purchase should be considered or rethought, and all we purchase should be lasting us for years to come. That is why the collection quality has been very important to me.

Finding designers that have both creative and manufacturing skills, proved to be quite a challenge. Emerging as a result of our hard work was the jewellery collection „Malleable” made entirely from sterling silver and natural keshi pearls – a true materialization of my vision and a real-life quintessence of “malleable” term.

The Malleable Collection By Ada Sokol And
The Malleable Collection By Ada Sokol And

3D visuals/advertorial:
The full collection takes inspiration from the organic shapes of my logo. Additionally, the 3D-created visuals are aiming at showing the life cycle of insects. Just like human characters, most insects considerably change through time, adopting many shapes, before their final and most beautiful form. The images depict precious Keshi pearls and sterling silver smoothly complementing each other in various sleek forms, shining from behind colorful insects at different stages of their existence.

In addition to all of that, we designed special packaging made from pearly paper and silver ink to match the collection itself. Placed proudly on top of the box is a blend of our silver, shining logos, accompanied by imprinted “malleable” term at the side.

The whole lineup is still underway (we are aiming at having a 6-piece collection), however first four pieces of the jewelry are already available worldwide through the manufacturers’ online store,

You can purchase the collection here


All images with courtesy of Ada Sokol

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