Adrien Miller Creates Items Of Comfort With Ceramics

Adrien Miller is a talented sculptor based in Seattle, Washington, focusing primarily on the human form and shape.

Miller, however, incorporates these intricate face sculptures on food platters, in the shape of mugs and teapots, as well as stand-alone statues. His work puts an everyday life item alongside the beauty of the human face and body. By incorporating these items of comfort there is a unique peace to each of his sculptures, he states that “As a visual artist, I value the beauty that brings about well-being.” 

Miller creates these sculptures that are meant to be purchased and brought into someone’s home which he sells famously on his Etsy shop. On account of Miller selling his work online, he will photograph his pieces with bright colored fruits such as cherries and oranges which resonates with the theme of well-being that he wants to emulate in his work. In Miller’s ceramic sculptures of men and women figures, he will often add flowers in place of the head or arms, a specific detail that makes his work stand out and brings another layer of beauty to an already beautifully crafted piece of ceramic art.

In these body sculptures, he plays with modern ideas such as a sculpture of a gal holding a cell phone and taking a picture, while still touching ancient work like the Egyptian bust of Nefertiti. Miller often plays with different colors on his work that burst and bring added life to each of his creations, consistently making stunning pieces of art that show his unique take on modern sculptures. 

Adrien Miller Creates Items Of Comfort With Ceramics
Adrien Miller Creates Items Of Comfort With Ceramics



All images with courtesy of Adrien Miller



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