Alx Varvantakis Creates The Architecture Inegrated With The Local Environment

Kidonia Villa is visualized by Alx Varvantakis, located in Chania, Greece.

It includes 3 dwellings within a unified whole, providing stunning views of the local mountain peaks and the Libyan sea. The structure consists of an active – three-dimensional network, forming defined zones integrated with the local rocky nature of the area. The proposal is underscored by many seamless transitions – from open to closed areas. Terraces and other elements protrude in a non-linear manner, combining with sloping front and back facades to amplify the design’s dynamism and motion.
Within, over three levels, 600 square meters are provided, with six master bedrooms, flexible living spaces, sauna, swimming pool, and spaces to house gym and home cinema. Open galleries and terraces run throughout the building providing numerous vantage points from which to experience internal features and external landmarks.

Alx Varvantakis Creates The Architecture
Alx Varvantakis Creates The Architecture



Visuals with courtesy of Alx Varvantakis


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