“On View” Explores The Phenomenon And Surveillance Of Capitalism

Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti are Los Angeles based experimental artist duo.

Ania Catherine defines herself as an artist and art director, whilst Dejha Ti is as an immersive artist and technologist. Together they are an art explosion, vibrant art-partners, working with ground-breaking technologies, always striving for new contexts to explore their artistic manifesto. “On View” was commissioned by the SCAD Museum of Art. The black shapes on the lady’s face are Haar Features used in performing facial detection, the first step in facial recognition. “On View” is a 3-part experience and critical exploration of the generational desire to be the subject of an art experience, and the link between that phenomenon and surveillance of capitalism. The audience-participants would sign an immersive contract, have their photo taken inside the installation within 2 photo stages (which were activated by environment-embedded sensors), and then the photos of the audience would be put on display in a gold frame behind bullet-proof glass through facial recognition.

The artists were addressing the theme of how technologies are often used on people without their knowledge, and the depth and secrecy around data extraction. At first glance, the experience doesn’t look technically complex. But by the end of the experience when the audience puts the pieces together and sees their images put on display, they realized that there was much more going on than they initially thought. According to Ti and Catherine’s goals, the project was showcasing the complexity of the surveillance and extractive technologies, the role of convenience culture, highlighting how easily systems (especially those that appear to be benign or helpful) can violate your privacy and sneakily collect, then sell, your personal data.

“On View” Explores The Phenomenon And Surveillance Of Capitalism
“On View” Explores The Phenomenon And Surveillance Of Capitalism
“On View” Explores The Phenomenon And Surveillance Of Capitalism



Images with courtesy of Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti


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