Revolutionizing Beverage Freshness and Fighting Food Waste by MIMICA BUMP CAP

Beverage Freshness and Fighting Food Waste by MIMICA

Discover the groundbreaking MIMICA BUMP CAP – a transformative leap in the world of beverage caps. This innovation not only safeguards perfectly good drinks from going to waste but also unlocks a realm of possibilities for brands to enhance value. With MIMICA integration, the cap becomes a dynamic freshness indicator, adding a tactile dimension to the consumer experience.

By simply running your fingers over the cap, you can determine the beverage’s condition. A smooth swipe indicates freshness, while a bumpy texture signals that the drink is no longer suitable for consumption. This intuitive system revolutionizes how we gauge the quality of our beverages – a literal touchpoint for freshness.

Named a finalist in the pre-commercialized innovations category of the 2022 Sustainability Awards, the BUMP CAP technology originated from the idea that conventional printed dates are not accessible to people with visual impairments. The innovation offers a universal solution, featuring a label that changes its texture if the contents are spoiled. Addressing the global issue of food waste, responsible for up to 10% of greenhouse gas emissions, the BUMP CAP provides a tangible solution.

Gel Technology: A Game-Changer

Utilizing gel technology, more accurate than traditional ‘best before’ dates, the BUMP CAP extends the shelf and storage life of perishable products, including milk and juices. This addresses sustainability challenges in two key ways:

  1. Solve Food Wastage: In the UK alone, over 9.5 million tonnes of food and drink are wasted annually, costing the average household £470 a year. The BUMP CAP showcases the true longevity of the food, promoting savings and minimizing waste.
  2. Reduce Carbon Footprints: Food wastage contributes up to 10% of global carbon emissions. By increasing the shelf life of perishable food, even by a single day, the BUMP CAP has the potential to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions significantly.

Embedded with patented gel technology, the MIMICA BUMP CAP activates upon the first opening of the beverage. Without any contact with the drink’s contents, it utilizes time and temperature to accurately measure spoilage. Responding to temperature changes, the BUMP CAP allows consumers to extend the shelf life of their beverages when stored correctly, ultimately reducing waste. Additionally, the technology works in reverse – if the beverage experiences prolonged warmth, warning bumps appear to signal that it’s no longer suitable for consumption.

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