Björk Concept Apartment Conceptualized By Filip Kulcar And Metod Kulcar

Björk Concept Apartment

Björk Apartment Project was designed by Filip Kulčar and visualized by Metod Kulčar. The project represents the conceptual design of Björk’s apartment located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

We enter the room through a high and long somber corridor, in which we are surrounded on both sides by 7 m high walls. These give us a claustrophobic sense of confinement, insignificance, and absence of man, however, the light coming from the other end instigates feelings of hope and illuminating the way out. It leads us into the living room, which embraces us with spacious horizons, immersing us into the boundless landscape. The window, confined with the weight of the wall, the earth, and the sky, carries us with its seeping rays of light towards the horizon. Here, the ambiance gives us time for meditation and inner peace, and to observe the outside world only from afar. 

Björk Concept Apartment

On the right side, the ambience is interrupted by monumental vertical ledges rising towards the central table, creating a majestic, mystical atmosphere. The rigidity of the ledges is softened by the contrast of the root which introduces another perceptional dimension. It sparks associations of the woods and reveals the direction of the dining area. On the left side of the hallway there is a wall, yet along the opposite side, we find a flight of stairs. These are narrow and are intended for one person only, much like the spaces in which the staircase leads to. Next to the staircase, one can find rocks rising from the ground. 

Björk Concept Apartment

They remind us of the rocky landscape of Iceland and enhance the already existing sublimated world of experience, while at the same time forming a shelter for a sleeping space. The dark wood in the room as well as the size of the rocks, which somewhat dim the influx of light, give the created space a sense of security allowing one to rest. From this perspective, the view shifts entirely. Some may think they have entered a dream, yet others will continue their journey to sleep. Perhaps their paths will converge, allowing them to meet somewhere along the way. The horizons are wide and there is enough space for everyone. There is a bathroom in the adjoining room, which can be entered via a glass bridge. Here, the stone element is repeated as it is used as a bathtub and sink. Its weight is accentuated by the juxtaposition of a delicate glass shower located on the left side, which divides the bathroom from the central space. 

Björk Concept Apartment

The space itself, without furnishings, contains tension due to the presence of formally correct geometric shapes. The author, therefore, when choosing the interior design, entered mother nature itself. He paid close attention to her evolving rhythm and thus showed a great deal of respect with his creations. 

Björk Concept Apartment

The author strived for extreme sensitivity and harmony with natures ebbs and flows. It is, in fact, a dialogue. With untreated surfaces, earthy colors and seeing perfections in imperfections, he creates a special spiritual touch as elemental and archaic feelings are awakened. He invokes an atmosphere of natural warmth and heat which acts as an ode to everything primitive, natural and bearing life. The space is not only dedicated to itself and the immanent aesthetic component but encourages and allows humans to return to nature and travel to a different, ideal world for meditative, calming purposes as well as self-examination. It is utterly cleared of all unnecessary elements and acts as an artistic interpretation. With thoughtfully designed furniture, archetypal elements and their placement, it becomes an added motive for a person to stop and engage in a different mental and emotional state. 

Björk Concept Apartment
Björk Concept Apartment
Björk Concept Apartment


Project name: Björk Apartment

Project Architecture firm: Filip & Metod Kulčar

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter, Pixologic Zbrush, Solid Angle Arnold, The Foundry Nuke

Principal architect : Filip Kulčar

Design team : Filip Kulčar, Metod Kulčar

Design year: 2021

Visualization : Metod Kulčar

Status: Concept – Design

Typology : Residential, Apartment 

Visuals with courtesy of Filip Kulčar and Metod Kulčar

Filip Kulčar

Metod Kulčar

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