Color In Flow: The vibrant paintings by Alex Voinea at Artplex Gallery

Color In Flow: A Solo Exhibition by Alex Voinea at Artplex Gallery
  • Who: Alex Voinea
  • What: Color In Flow
  • When: May 26 – June 1, 2024
  • Where: Artplex Gallery, 7377 Beverly Boulevard | Los Angeles | CA 90036

Artplex Gallery is thrilled to present “Color In Flow,” a solo exhibition featuring the vibrant abstract paintings of Alex Voinea. Voinea’s work, deeply influenced by his experiences during the Romanian revolution, is a testament to resilience and fervor. His dynamic compositions transcend traditional boundaries, immersing viewers in a universe where color and motion are the protagonists.

Born in Romania, Alex Voinea’s formative years were shaped by the tumultuous environment of the Romanian revolution, a period he describes as oppressive and dark. The revolution was a catalyst for his heightened sensory perception, a trait that now fuels his artistic process. This acute awareness is palpable in his paintings, where every brushstroke and splash of color is executed with precision and purpose.

“I am interested in the physics of materials and the purity of pigments in their various states and how they respond to the different circumstances and situations that I create,” Voinea explains. His work is a study in contrasts, balancing control and spontaneity to evoke a free expression of emotion. This approach requires total sensory engagement and unwavering concentration, allowing him to navigate and overcome the challenges that arise during the creative process.

Color In Flow: A Solo Exhibition by Alex Voinea at Artplex Gallery

Alex Voinea’s paintings are characterized by their bold palette and fearless experimentation. His use of color is both daring and harmonious, incorporating pure, bright hues, and even fluorescent tones. The backgrounds often fade to create depth and perspective, while the foreground bursts with motion and fluidity. This interplay results in a vibrant, almost hyperrealist definition that captures the viewer’s attention.

“With my work, I try to convey the feeling of being immersed in a universe where color is the protagonist. Colors and material flow giving the sensation of zero gravity and are transformed by an imaginary vibration that causes them to move and dance,” Voinea articulates. His paintings are a rich tapestry of organic shapes and rhythmic patterns, each session a tour-de-force that channels his energy and emotion onto the canvas.

His work has captivated audiences worldwide, with exhibitions in Brussels, Paris, Milan, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Hamburg, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, among others. Voinea’s paintings are visceral and powerful, living and organic expressions of his enduring passion and inquisitive spirit.

Color In Flow: A Solo Exhibition by Alex Voinea at Artplex Gallery

All images courtesy of Artplex Gallery, shared with permission

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