An exclusive interview with Constantinos Panayiotou on the Future of Creativity

An exclusive interview with Constantinos Panayiotou on the Future of Creativity

Constantinos Panayiotou is Crafting the Future with Art, Technology, and Boundless Creativity

Constantinos Panayiotou is an artist whose work embodies a fusion of energy, exhilaration, and innovation. His creations are a reflection of a complex mystical dance between his life experiences, curiosity, and a constant search for inspiration. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sensory experiences, he crafts designs that seem to predict the future of personal style and urban architecture.

Constantinos’s art is an ever-evolving journey, fueled by experimentation and ideation. He envisions a future where emerging technologies unlock new realms of immersion and experience. With a competitive spirit and a supportive co-founder by his side, he pushes boundaries relentlessly, letting his creations speak for themselves. Constantinos welcomes the technological advances of the future, believing that they will bring about positive change and empower individuals.

Greetings Constantinos Panayiotou, such a pleasure to speak and highlight your fantastic work. Energy, exhilaration, and new tastes, all come to mind when coming face to screen with your extensive dynamism. Because of your relation to vital cultures such as music etc., as with your embrace of the newest technological shifts, are your pieces an expression of tomorrow – this is to say – a making of the future in your own image? Or are they a compilation of everything cool fused/distilled into discrete entities? Perhaps something else? Please do enlighten us.

First of all thank you for reaching out and thank you for your positive words of love and support! I will try to answer your brilliant first question the best I can. It’s a very complex mystical dance, the process of creation. I often describe it as a dance between myself, the world around me and a higher power. I have my life experiences/memories coupled with what I’ve learned throughout my life so far, mixed with a curiosity and an eagerness to learn more.

I also see myself almost as an antenna constantly switched on and searching for a signal, miraculously now and then something reaches out to me and shows me a way. I’m heavily inspired by the senses – smell, touch, sight, taste, sound all equally play a huge role in forming my vision. I am very grateful for this gift, I try to understand it, to articulate it but it’s very difficult to describe. It’s like asking a bird to explain the act of flight. I just simply do what I was meant to do. I trust the process and I try to have fun with it.

An exclusive interview with Constantinos Panayiotou on the Future of Creativity
An exclusive interview with Constantinos Panayiotou on the Future of Creativity

A thing I applaud about Manga and Anime is that from the 80’s Japanese artists had a wild capacity to foretell futures that now even exist beyond what we’ve created for ourselves. Your work likewise pushes similar limits and your designs becomes almost like a library for ways humanity can refashion everything from personal style to the architecture of cities. Experimentation is important in your creative process, but also ideation or conceptualization I’m sure. What is something new that you have discovered about your own inner creative capacities through the works you’ve made?

Yes, those early days of Manga were very groundbreaking and forward thinking! Very inspiring. I’ve discovered that it’s all an evolution. Everything kinda leads into everything else. What remains as a constant is the act of learning and exploration. Constantly being curious and trying out new things. It’s all part of what I believe makes an artist whole. Not just an artist but a human being.

Learning to listen to yourself and your soul, while being conscious and aware of your surroundings and others. Music taught me this, when you hear a group of sounds come together you just know if it resonates or if it doesn’t. If the sounds don’t work then it’s good to find out why and so sharing my creations with others helps to answer questions I may not be able to answer by myself. So I’ve come to realize that constantly learning and sharing are very important to me.

Immersive tech is the new frontier of navigating the worlds sublime. Your work being on the final frontier of digital meets must-haves makes what you do perfectly suited for the world that everyone is dying for. In your view, what will the future be like in 50 years, and what role will your grails play within it?

I believe that there is an ultimate reality. A hyper reality. Where all levels of immersion and experience exist. Through emerging technologies we are slowly discovering these layers that make up this fully complete way of being, where anything is possible. Who knows maybe by 2050 we will have mapped this space out in its entirety.

An exclusive interview with Constantinos Panayiotou on the Future of Creativity
An exclusive interview with Constantinos Panayiotou on the Future of Creativity

Your work has been featured by top magazines, and you have collaborated beautifully with many of the best brands, and congratulations! for your work is indeed worthy. As an artist, how do you respond to the need to innovate and discover as a motivational factor? This is to ask, which goals set a fire in your soul moving you to push boundaries unrelentingly?

Thank you! Well I simply try to let the designs and artworks speak for themselves. Calling forth those that resonate with the creations. Again I trust the process and what’s meant to happen, to happen. I am also a very competitive and driven person. I like to practice and hone my craft as much as possible and expand on what I am capable of whenever I can!

I am also very lucky to have my good friend and PL co-founder Calibrate by my side. He has also been a guiding light on this journey so far. I trust him with everything and anything. His opinion is hugely vital and important to me for where PL goes next as a brand. He is a winner, with an amazingly positive and passionate attitude. I’m truly grateful to have him, could not have asked for someone more talented and supportive to be by my side. Being able to seek advice and mentorship from people you look up to is definitely important!

Digital life which includes social media, YouTube avatars, web 3 transact-ability, Metaverses and VR culture, make the world into a dreamscape, but there are those who fear what total subsumption into dreams might bring. In your view, do those who wish to limit the acceleration of novel technologies because of their almost unlimited powers and or residual impacts on individuals have any point? If they do have a point, what would you tell them are the pros of entering into a world with a new steady state alternate universe side by side our own?

As mentioned earlier, we are simply discovering what is already there. Whether we like it or not there is no way to stop what is coming. More connection and higher bandwidth is inevitable. Best thing to do is to embrace the changes and figure out how to harness these new ways of doing things.

We are entering a time of true magic, beyond any of our science fiction fantasies. Just like any other time in the past we will have to learn to deal with the good and the bad of what is to come. It cannot be stopped tho. Ai alone is going to change everything. No field of study will be exempt from the level of acceleration we are starting to witness.

An exclusive interview with Constantinos Panayiotou on the Future of Creativity
An exclusive interview with Constantinos Panayiotou on the Future of Creativity

G-splats (Gaussian splats) are the most recent method to come on the scene for re-creating the physical world into near perfect 3d duplicates. What new technologies are exciting you now? And what are your views on the current state of AI in creative arts?

I’m really excited about Ai and the potential for allowing people who couldn’t achieve certain goals in life to finally be able to have almost zero hurdles and zero excuses to not go for it! The creative side of Ai is exciting but what interests me the most is the ability to now have expert legal and financial advice in the palm of your hands. A lot of people around the world will now be playing on an equal footing with the biggest most powerful institutions. I love that!

Please do share with our audience anything you wish, from new projects to words of wisdom or anything else you may desire.

We are constantly building, so much is happening behind the scenes. We can’t share any news quite yet but early 2024 is gonna be an exciting time for PET LIGER and our community so please stay tuned! I would just say to check PET LIGER out on instagram for all the daily concept designs. Thank you!

An exclusive interview with Constantinos Panayiotou on the Future of Creativity
An exclusive interview with Constantinos Panayiotou on the Future of Creativity

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