Kambanes House – CYLIND’s Virtual Expedition In Iceland

Kambanes House -  CYLIND

CYLIND is a Belarusian company that specializes in architectural visualization services.

It is founded by two CG artists Nikolai Antonchik and Alexander Grabalyuk. The company brings drawings and plans on paper to life in the form of 3D digital concepts. The Helsinki architectural bureau Studio Puisto requested CYLIND Studio to realize the design of the Kambanes house in digital reality.

Kambanes House - CYLIND

This project is a virtual expedition into the futuristic landscapes of Iceland and the main compositional focus of which is Kambanes House. It has long been our dream to visit Iceland, but because of the pandemic, it will be impossible for a long time. During the creative process, we wanted to mentally immerse ourselves and the viewer in the atmosphere of Martian landscapes and the endless valleys of Iceland. In the first frame, we see some travelers having arrived on the peninsula. They will take their emotional experience and impressions of the rapidly changing weather, light, and mood with them and will keep them in memory for a long time.

Kambanes House - CYLIND
Kambanes House - CYLIND
Kambanes House - CYLIND
Kambanes House - CYLIND


Design: Studio Puisto

Clients: Private

Location: Kambanes, Iceland

Completion: 2021

CG team: Nikolai Antonchik, Alexander Grabalyuk, Grigoriy Mihalkovich

Visuals with courtesy of CYLIND





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