Digital Animals, A Visionary NFT Project Created By igor

Digital Animals

We are pleased to host an interview with artist igor, who is the navigator of the immense design contained within Digital Animals, the visionary project that mints the beautifully crafted 3D life forms with a digital soul of its collectors. This unparalleled experience in the NFT scene beckons collectors to explore the various features unique to Digital Animals that propels NFTs into a new nexus of algorithmic interactions. We learn more about the world built for Digital Animals in the following interview with its founder.

Digital Animals is a robust project with a robust concept behind it. Can you tell us more about the project and what has been like working on such a vast endeavor?

I have been working on this project for over 8 years. You can see the project history on my Instagram. The idea of souls and their entrance came to my mind 5 months ago, this is exactly where NFT can show its full potential. I’ve been doing visualization for about 15 years, so there was no question regarding what style to choose. The only thing I wanted was that my style could be recognizable in every touch.

NFTs are unique in that they are tokenized and most times are one of a kind, just like with any physical piece of art. What propelled the decision to individualize it even further, down to the very collector, by injecting their digital soul into the art?

The soul is the mirror of your social profile. The very idea of a digital soul has tremendous potential that I want to explore in the future. Souls getting entered, all the mixing and the most interesting thing is the living soul. Imagine a dynamic NFT that lives with you and displays your mood.


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Tell us about how the digital soul manifests in the Digital Animal. Will it always be traceable back to the first collector if the NFT were to circulate through its sale?

Yes, if you buy an animal on the secondary market, then it is with someone else’s soul.

What significance is there to engaging phenomenal art with personalization? Tell us about your philosophy on how this process influences the approach to creating art with ownership in mind.

I want people to pay attention to the graceful movements of animals. I observe them often and very closely. The magic starts when you slow down the animation. I enjoy working on real motion anatomy, but in a different form. I observe the tiniest movements, show the kinetics and tendons of the animal. I give weight to the body so that everything looks natural. I am offering real physics combined with crystallization. The form changes, but the physical element remains the same. This is what I show through my work.


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Following the road map of Digital Animals for 2022, it is a very promising and exciting time to see everything unfold. This brings this NFT into a more dynamic context, especially with the game that will allow the Digital Animals to essentially roam free. Tell us your thoughts on how Digital Animals expands the horizons for the relationship collectors have with their NFT.

Yes, the roadmap is extensive but doable, we focused on achievable goals. The game is just the beginning. We want to create a separate universe.

Legendary forms of Digital Animals are an extraordinary way to dive deeper into this project’s metaverse. What exactly makes these forms Legendary and what can you divulge about its attainment in the game?

Yes, these are the most valuable NFTs, and they will be animated. They can be obtained by burning crystals. So people can play a game with animals and earn crystals. People decide for themselves what to do next with crystals, but it will be a separate NFT with all the bonuses resulting from it. Legendary animals are specially made to be in the next step in order to add value to digital animals.


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Tell us about some of the challenges you have had to overcome in making this project successful. What new discoveries were made along the way?

The most interesting part is the randomization and that souls get saved. Therefore, souls are getting entered during the second part. This was necessary in order to maintain transparency of the smart contract and so that people were sure that we did not keep rare animals for ourselves. But in reality, we do not know how the algorithm will mix everything up lol

With technology rapidly evolving, how do you see Digital Animals possibly progressing and maturing with such advances? Is the timeline of Digital Animals resolute or fluid?

Yes, we are already developing the next two projects as part of digital animals and digital souls. And they will be available to animal holders.

Digital Animals


All images with courtesy of igor


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