The Dreamy Ethereal Illustrations Of Boldtron

Dreamy Ethereal

What great pleasure it is to have an opportunity to chat with you about your inspiring digital art. Your 3D illustrations seem to exist in some dreamy ethereal realm, a beautiful manipulation of form and innovative expression. How did you come to settle on this particular aesthetic? Tell us about the journey of how you created your design to how it is currently perceived at the moment.

My real background comes from graffiti and pre-street art, back in the late 90s. I used to draw all those organic shapes, mostly flops and inflatable types. That’s a common graffiti style, and everything evolved from that point of view. As much as I invest in my work in terms of knowledge and skills with software, the ideas I use to abstract are acquiring the shape I used to imagine years back. The journey is long and tedious but makes me happy to think I do evolve my ideas from time to time. Looking back at my portfolio I see some progression and that’s the energy that keeps me enthusiastic with upcoming chapters.

For your style, you proclaim to approach creating your works from an organic and manual angle. How do you go about translating this approach to the digital interface?

From the very beginning, everything came from a sketchbook. Render ideas are always drawn in the paper. So during these past years, I’ve been developing my own language, and I’m still excited to see this imaginary evolve in a new direction.

Dreamy Ethereal
Dreamy Ethereal

Your digital sculptures are gorgeous conglomerates of varying textures and infinite shape, it all fits perfectly together. When creating such layered visuals, how do you know when you are satisfied with a rendering? Do you create until you reach a point of contentment or do you let the process guide you?

To be honest, I am very demanding when it comes to development. Usually all these levels of perception ( how I like to blend the shapes ), lightning, color management.. is limitless. That’s what I am usually expecting to evolve and be surprised with new combinations. Whenever I feel a piece is ok I just let it go and I usually share it online. But it is also true I got plenty of sketches and unreleased pieces that will not be seen. This content is a part of my creative journey that helps me to evolve.

With technology rapidly evolving each day, what have been some strengths of keeping up with the latest techniques as it pertains to your work? Conversely, tell us about some challenges you’ve had to overcome as a result of the metamorphosis of technology in the context of art.

My total background comes from painting and illustration, using all that classic stuff like brushes, markers, acrylic painting, etc. Indeed I did start as a digital artist in 1998. And I did start my 3d works in 2015. How technology evolves is intimidating but I’m so happy to be living this moment. When computers appeared, social media, gadgets, new software, etc. I am a curious person so probably for me everything is great to explore and learn.

Dreamy Ethereal
Dreamy Ethereal

What sort of messages or narratives do you hear when you create? How do you weave these ideologies into your work?

Emotions got a WIDE spectrum whenever an observer tries to analyze what I do. The current mood is positive and I love to hear great things, related to feelings, about my work. Color is the main protagonist in my portfolio, shape comes after. That is my main idea but sometimes priorities switch. It depends on the moment but color and shape are mostly my interests for developing my ideas. My creative process is absolutely empiric, so I never know where and how I’m gonna end a piece.

What is it about the concept of balance that is so very significant to your work? How does this relate to the innate appeal in humans for a sense of balance, visually but perhaps in a broad theme for life itself?

Balance is a constant in my work. Mental health is a BIG TOPIC nowadays, but I know for many artists or creative people is a current topic during our whole lives. Trying to find balance is just the proper metaphor to embrace this concept.

Dreamy Ethereal
Dreamy Ethereal

Who is Boldtron? What is the meaning behind this name, this identity?

Boldtron was a guy living, born, and raised in Barcelona. I talk in the past because Boldtron now is the alliance from two guys, twins, born and raised in Barcelona. The name comes from well known Voldtron retro robot anime series but in BOLD mode.

If you had to impart some words for your future self, what would you say?

You made it exactly as you wanted and without regrets. Confidence is a real gift. 

Dreamy Ethereal
Dreamy Ethereal


All images with courtesy of Boldtron

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