Exploring Data Processing With Media.Work

Digital technologies are a part of our world that is tightly integrated with our daily lives but is still something distant and mysterious for a regular user. Even if we vaguely understand the principles of how these technologies work, we perceive them as invisible parts of our devices, not having their own appearance. Glimpses of these complicated processes happening within black boxes of laptops and smartphones appear on screens in utility software, but their visual language is limited and mostly outdated.

Exploring Data Processing With Media.Work

In Data Processing, Media.Work looked for a fresh approach to the depiction of data processing and storage. Referring to mechanical computing devices, like the Curta, designers found the tactile connection between faultless calculations and human nature. Some of the influences were more recognizable, like vacuum tubes, while others were based on more abstract concepts and relied on 2D visualizations of operations performed by CPUs. A more organic touch to the project was added with textured materials and movements, inspired by living creatures and natural light. Combining objectified computing processes with what can be found in nature, the team aimed to build a friendly and approachable world that would emotionally connect us to what we experience through our laptops and smartphones.

Exploring Data Processing With Media.Work
Exploring Data Processing With Media.Work


Creative Direction: Maxim Zhestkov, Igor Sordokhonov
Art Direction, Design, Animation: Helge Kiehl
Design, Animation, Editing: Roman Kotov

Sound: Artyom Markaryan
Writing: Anna Gulyaeva
Year: 2021

Images with courtesy of Media.Work



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