Felix Rothschild Creates Beautiful Digital Compositions

Felix Rothschild Creates Mesmerising Digital Compositions

Felix Rothschild, photographer, digital artist, and freelancer, merging into the ways of photography since the age of 5.

Educated in media design and digital art. He has dedicated the past years into the digital world, working out genuine masterpieces of surreal words where darkness takes up the room. There is a sequence in the use of reflections in most of his collections. A 3D robotic individual covered up completely sitting in the middle of what could be your o my living room seeing his reflection in a crystal ball.

A girl crumbling into a million small pieces in the reflection of the bathroom window, taking a photo to her reflection as well. A metallic ball in the middle of what seems to be an iridescence forest or desert. There are also some series of glitch artworks, with a very classic pop art look photo of some girl’s legs.

Felix Rothschild Creates Mesmerising Digital Compositions

Felix had his first exhibition in 2015, in the Holger John gallery in Dresden, Germany when he jumps into a group of visual artists. Since then he has been investigating bizarre and usual techniques of visual communications, that vary between surreal dark scenarios of a slave asking a group of royal people for mercy to a representation of a worn-out world with one little flower emerging in the middle.

Human faces seem to be so fragile that can disintegrate by just the force of the wind. Long fibers like the ones moving in the seismograph, forming big cities with skyscrapers seen from above, drops of water falling into a vast dark ocean and long forests. Right next to this mesmerizing set of relaxing compositions, you will found the exact opposite with a collection of frozen screenshots, just like the ones you get when you are out of signal while watching television. It is pretty strange in a special kind of way how these pieces make you feel.

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