Fiona Roberts Mouths Off With Her Beautiful Sculptures

Fiona Roberts goes headfirst into different areas of the human body, specifically, some of the most intimate parts of the human face – the mouth and hands.

Fiona Roberts Mouths Off With Her Beautiful Sculptures

Roberts’s technique draws you in with her direct detail that she applies to each of her sculptures. Her work has a simplistic look to it that is aesthetically pleasing. Within the daintiness of the pieces that she creates are creamy and neutral pinks that add more of a realistic, natural look to the work, however, these sculptures are anything but ordinary. Roberts plays on the natural body parts and adds a quirky flair to each piece that makes each one a unique work. Her placement of the playful pink mouths is multiplied in some of her works, giving the overwhelming feeling that you are being talked to even though they are dormant. Some of these mouths have their mouths slightly open or reveal a tongue, also making you wonder if there’s a hint of smugness to the work.

This witty use of the mouth can also be seen on household items that she has sculpted, or with the outrageous idea of adding actual hair to the outside of the mouth. Tying into this odd mixture of body parts, Roberts plays around with sculptures of the human hands as well – specifically fingers. These hands are detailed with her attention to the wrinkle of the knuckle or the life-like looking fingernails. Some of her sculptures have even tied in her signature mouth sculpture in the palm of a hand. There is great multitude in her sculptures of fingers, as these pieces have seemingly dozens of fingers poking up at you. Roberts work is dainty and quirky, illuminating a new aesthetic that only she can emulate.

Fiona Roberts Mouths Off With Her Beautiful Sculptures
Fiona Roberts Mouths Off With Her Beautiful Sculptures


Images with courtesy of Fiona Roberts

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