Flexfade – Plane, Train, Spain

Flexfade’s “Plane, Train, Spain” weaves a captivating narrative of two souls embarking on a journey, using transportation as diverse as the melodies themselves. In this musical odyssey, the lyrics serve as a beckoning call, urging the hesitant partner to step into the spotlight and immerse themselves in the dance of life. Each verse unfolds like a vibrant house party, celebrating iconic destinations, their presence igniting the vibrant energy of the revelry.

The words “dance with me,” “groove with me,” and “move with me” act as a commanding symphony, their notes compelling the reticent soul to surrender to the rhythm. At first, timid, they shy away, like a shy flower hesitant to bloom. But as the crescendo builds, and the drops descend with resounding force, their inhibitions dissolve, and they join the harmonious symphony of movement.

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