Forensic Beauty: The Inner Worlds of Nick Veasey’s X-Ray Art at Art Angels

Forensic Beauty: The Inner Worlds of Nick Veasey's X-Ray Art at Art Angels
  • Who: Nick Veasey
  • What: Forensic Beauty
  • When: 16 May- 16 June
  • Where: Art Angels, 9020 Beverly Blvd, West Hollywood CA 90048

Nick Veasey‘s latest exhibition, Forensic Beauty, hosted by Art Angels in Los Angeles from May 16th to June 16th, marks a significant milestone in the artist’s 30-year career. Renowned for his innovative use of x-ray technology, Veasey transcends the conventional boundaries of art and science, offering viewers a profound glimpse into the hidden structures of everyday objects and natural forms. This new collection, blending recent works with celebrated classics, reinforces his message: true beauty lies beneath the surface.

Forensic Beauty: The Inner Worlds of Nick Veasey's X-Ray Art at Art Angels

The Artist: Nick Veasey

Nick Veasey, often described as the artist with x-ray vision, has mastered the intricate process of radiographic imaging to reveal the internal essence of his subjects. His work transforms mundane objects into beguiling compositions that captivate and challenge viewers. Veasey’s images, rich in detail and complexity, defy easy classification, standing at the intersection of art and science. His contributions have been recognized by major institutions, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, which recently added his work to the British National Collection of Photography.

Veasey’s art critiques contemporary society’s obsession with superficiality and artifice. By exposing the inner workings of objects, he encourages viewers to look beyond appearances and appreciate the intrinsic value of what lies within. This approach resonates deeply in an age of pervasive surveillance and x-ray security technologies, making his work both aesthetically intriguing and contextually relevant.

Forensic Beauty: The Inner Worlds of Nick Veasey's X-Ray Art at Art Angels

The Exhibition: Forensic Beauty

Forensic Beauty is a testament to Veasey’s enduring vision and technical prowess. The exhibition presents a cohesive narrative where the superficial is dismissed, and the inner beauty of objects is celebrated. Each piece invites immediate engagement yet rewards prolonged study, unveiling layers of subtle details that enhance its allure.

Artwork Highlight: “The Get Away”

One of the standout pieces in the exhibition is “The Get Away,” inspired by late-night action movie reruns. This ambitious work centers on a Jet Ranger helicopter, the second largest object Veasey has ever x-rayed. The creation of this piece was an engineering feat, involving a two-year preparation and a four-month execution period. The helicopter was transported to a specialized x-ray facility near Nuremberg, Germany, where a powerful 9 Megavolt x-ray machine captured its intricate details in seven lateral sections. These sections were meticulously joined together in post-production.

The complexity of “The Get Away” extends beyond the helicopter itself. Additional elements, such as the protagonist, pilot, and various accessories, were x-rayed individually in Veasey’s studio in Kent, England. The process involved detailed planning and precise execution, including the challenging task of x-raying clothing separately and shaping it to fit the skeleton using balloons and cotton threads.

Forensic Beauty: The Inner Worlds of Nick Veasey's X-Ray Art at Art Angels

The Intersection of Art and Science

Veasey’s work exemplifies the seamless blend of art and science, using hazardous radiation to create ethereal and graceful images. His x-rays penetrate solid matter, rendering it ghostly and gentle, and offering viewers a fresh perspective on reality. By uncovering the hidden interiors of objects, Veasey’s art allows us to see the familiar in an entirely new light, revealing the beauty and complexity that lie beneath the surface.

All images courtesy of Art Angels, shared with permission

Instagram: @artangels / @nickveasey

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