Frank Stella’s Sculptural Masterpieces Exhibition

Frank Stella's Sculptural Masterpieces Exhibition

Frank Stella’s Sculpture

  • Date: March 8–May 18, 2024
  • Location: 18 Wooster Street, New York

Step into the realm of artistic innovation as Jeffrey Deitch’s SoHo gallery proudly presents “Frank Stella: Recent Sculpture” an exhibition showcasing the awe-inspiring works of one of the most influential artists of our time. From March 8 to May 18, 2024, visitors are invited to experience five monumental sculptures by Frank Stella, transported into Manhattan on double wide flatbed trucks, representing a convergence of traditional artistic techniques and cutting-edge technology.

Witness the fusion of painting and sculpture as Stella’s creations defy convention, blurring the lines between two-dimensional and three-dimensional art forms. These pieces are not merely sculptures or paintings; they are a harmonious synthesis of both, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression to new heights.

Marvel at Stella’s meticulous process, which begins with computer models that are transformed into small sculptural maquettes through 3-D printing. These models are then refined in the studio before being sent to fabricators in Europe, where they are constructed using technology derived from shipbuilding. Finally, the sculptures return to Stella’s studio in the Hudson Valley for further refinement and painting with automotive paint.

Frank Stella's Sculptural Masterpieces Exhibition
Frank Stella's Sculptural Masterpieces Exhibition

The exhibition features works from two series: Scarlatti Sonata Kirkpatrick from 2014 and Atlantic Salmon Rivers from 2021-23. Each piece embodies Stella’s signature style, where form and material are inseparable, with the materials themselves serving as inspiration for the forms.

As you explore the gallery space, prepare to be transported beyond traditional notions of dimensionality. Stella’s sculptures seem to float weightlessly, defying gravity and transcending the confines of space. “Frank Stella: Recent Sculpture” is not just an exhibition; it’s a journey into the uncharted territories of creativity and innovation.

Frank Stella's Sculptural Masterpieces Exhibition

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