Step into the future with HyperViciouZ – a revolutionary digital sneaker collection

HyperViciouZ: revolutionary digital sneakers

Thed Holes, in collaboration with HyperViciouZ, brings you a groundbreaking collection of 10 revolutionary digital sneakers, promising a fusion of fashion, technology, and blockchain innovation. HyperViciouZ isn’t just footwear; it’s a gateway to an exclusive world of airdrops, tokens, and collaborative games, redefining the very concept of sneaker culture in the digital age.

The HyperViciouZ collection comprises 520 editions, each priced at a modest 0.01 Ethereum for whitelisted collectors during the presale phase. Following the presales, the public sale on March 21st will see the price rise to 0.02 Ethereum. These sneakers boast varying degrees of rarity and supply, ensuring that each pair holds its unique allure, from the exceedingly rare to the more common models.

Central to the HyperViciouZ experience is its integration with the Ethereum layer1 blockchain, guaranteeing transparency, security, and immutability throughout all transactions and interactions within the ecosystem.

So, how does one secure a coveted spot on the whitelist? There are two pathways: either by owning collectibles from Thed Holes, Knights Grimoire, or GSD Studio, or by participating in giveaways on Thed’s Discord or Twitter channels. This democratized approach ensures that enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to engage with the HyperViciouZ universe.

Step into the Future with HyperViciouZ - A Next-Gen Digital Sneaker Collection

Let’s delve into the perks and the roadmap for HyperViciouZ holders. To gain access to the roadmap, collectors need to acquire a minimum of 3 HyperViciouZ sneakers. Rewards commence promptly, with a free rare shoe slated for distribution on April 12th. Moreover, holding 10 HyperViciouZ sneakers entitles holders to reclaim 4 shoes throughout the year, alongside receiving an undisclosed quantity of tokens during the Summer 2024 launch. Notably, multipliers will be enabled within the same wallet, amplifying the potential benefits for avid collectors.

Reflecting on the inaugural season of HyperViciouZ on the Gamestop NFT marketplace in 2021, where over 1500 collectors received more than 30 airdrops in just two years, it’s evident that early adopters reaped substantial rewards. The future of HyperViciouZ promises even greater possibilities, beckoning enthusiasts to seize the opportunity now.

The commencement date for acquiring HyperViciouZ kicks off on March 14th at 5 PM EST on Opensea, marking the beginning of an exhilarating journey into the future of digital fashion. For those seeking additional information, including presale opportunities, whitelist access, the whitepaper, or general inquiries, visit

Step into the Future with HyperViciouZ - A Next-Gen Digital Sneaker Collection

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