Illulian’s Ethereal Creations by Karim Rashid

Illulian's Ethereal Creations by Karim Rashid

Illulian’s Ethereal Creations

In the heart of Milan, where art and design intertwine, Illulian unveils its latest marvels: the exquisite reimaginations of Ether and Info, born from the creative genius of Karim Rashid.

Step into a world where luxury meets craftsmanship, where rugs transcend mere floor coverings to become intricate works of art. With a palette of neutral tones kissed by subtle hues, Ether beckons with its gentle allure. Each line, meticulously crafted, dances in harmony, capturing the essence of fluid motion.

Meanwhile, Info captivates with its abstract allure, adorned with a golden milleraiesque motif. Its unconventional silhouette, adorned with sharp, irregular edges, whispers tales of modernity and sophistication.

Illulian's Ethereal Creations by Karim Rashid
Illulian's Ethereal Creations by Karim Rashid

As part of Illulian’s Limited Edition Collection, each rug is more than a mere accessory; it’s a testament to unparalleled quality and artistry. Whether adorned in the opulent Platinum 120 or the timeless Gold 100, every piece is a masterpiece, meticulously handcrafted to perfection.

But the magic doesn’t end there. With Illulian’s Custom Made service, dreams are transformed into reality. Imagine a rug tailored to your desires, with colors that mirror your soul and patterns that speak your language. From residential havens to grandiose settings like museums and hotels, these bespoke creations find their home wherever beauty is cherished.

Illulian's Ethereal Creations by Karim Rashid

All Image Credit : Karim Rashid

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