International Architectural Competition – Melnychuka 14-16

International Architectural Competition - Melnychuka 14-16

Create an adaptive reuse project, providing a functional use that matches the topology of the building and the urban context. At the same time aiming to preserve authenticity; increase the profitability of the property complex; unite the real estate complex into a single concept; and integrate the territory into the urban context.

Project Requirements

  • The buildings at 14 and 16 Levka Lukianenka Street are an architectural heritage of local importance, therefore it is not allowed to interfere with their physical condition;
  • Design decisions should consider the historical context of the competition area;
  • Imperative requirement to ensure the accessibility and inclusiveness of the territory and buildings.


  • 1st prize — €5,000
  • 2nd prize — €3,350
  • 3rd prize — €1,650

The participation in the contest is free. Contest participants do not pay the entry fee. Given the transport restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ukrainian participants can order the printing of presentation panels from the organizing committee. For foreign participants, this option is mandatory to avoid delays in sending the competition tablets (presentation tables).

Architects are invited to participate in the competition. To submit a competitive project, the author can form a team, be the leader or the participant. The team must include an architect, whose qualification certificate (or relevant document for your country) was added during registration. Students can participate in the competition as team members.

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