Interview With Adam Neate

Interview With Adam Neate

Hello Adam, it is a pleasure to sit down with you to have this discussion. What if any are your views on the necessity of using past standards to legitimate artistry now, such being though we have technologies and mediums that transcend the past’s limitations and allowances?

I think no matter what advancements in technology there will always be the need to express oneself to answer questions what is it to be a human. For me personally I treat technology as a tool to aid and help advance ways of thinking.

You are known for pushing the boundaries of media and form. What is it about your aesthetic pursuit that disfavors being bound by two dimensional confines?

I developed a language called Dimensionalism. To try and express 4d thinking in a 3d form. The painting/composition would change shape and form as the viewer moved around the painting. Depending on what angle you looked at the painting the painting’s meaning may change.

Interview With Adam Neate

Seeing that VR and AR are the limit today, and that speculatively the future will introduce touch and other sensory dimension to art, where else do you think we will push in our journey forward? Do you think art will ever find an expression threshold? And if yes, then what?

For me, personally good art should leave you with some kind of feeling. The artist has tried to express and communicate a concept through visual language.

Your street work is very touching and emotionally profound. If you would, please do tell our readers what cause you to feel in the ways depicted through your narratives, and also what these emotion-laden works mean to conjure.

My street work was a kind of personal art therapy. I used to have a day job as a graphic designer working for various brands. At the end of each day, I just wanted to create for myself. Whatever spare energy I had I would put into my paintings.

Interview With Adam Neate
Does Russian Supremacism inform your lyricism at all? Which other, if any, movements or art historical figures influence your re-creation of artistic rules?

A continuous influence over the years has been Picasso. His sheer output and variety of styles have continued to inspire me.

Singular male portrait figures populate your oeuvre, are these self portraits, or do they exist as something to express human nature through?

Both! I often use a portrait as base to express how I’m feeling.

What does your use of color, movement, transparency and layering reveal about your view of human nature?

Human nature is complex. We are an amalgamation of thoughts and feelings that go into what makes us tick.

In the face of so much cultural tumult, what roles should art play for good or ill?

Art should in some ways reflect/mirror us as a society be it good or bad.

Interview With Adam Neate


All images with courtesy of Adam Neate

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