Introducing: (aside)

(aside) has a depurated aesthetic. They distillate pop sounds and rocking textures to build a unique sound. The voices enhance the emotionalism with organic cadence and the solid interaction of their sung interaction. In these two songs, you´ll have a taste of their wide sonic flavours.

I’ll Never Get to Say Anything Again

This track grapples with the need for change, the pressure of external expectations, and the difficulty of breaking free from negative patterns. The composition sublimates inner conflict and a desire to be understood or supported in their decision to change their own path with an upbeat catchy sound.

The Perpetual You

This song is about emotional pain, detachment, and a desire to avoid further emotional involvement. The phrase “don’t let me live” transmits a reluctance to face the emotional complexities of life. Then, repeating “who cares”, expresses hopelessness and a feeling that their emotional state is of little consequence to others. The ballad-like softness of the instrumental mirrors those feelings perfectly.

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