Introducing: Blaine Hunter

We bring you two songs from Blaine Hunter to get to know a fresh sound approaching the classic synth-pop genre. The composition has in common a master kraft-ship that juxtaposes textures and arrangements to build a unique style. He says: “I was trying to create something straightforward that would capture the vibe of driving late at night. These are simple tunes, meant to accompany driving or gaming if that’s your thing. Both are just simple, straightforward vibes meant to sound good and get you in the zone”.


“Driveline” has am unfolding melodic textures that, when flowing over the drums, get a catchy driving imprint. The track develops a mystery halo that pulls the melodic´s expressive depth reaching a danceable sound.

At Close Range

“At Close Range” has an intense sound that brings an adventure atmosphere, perfect to start a journey to upbeat landscapes and fool-good vives that will make you body move.

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