Introducing: Bronze Whale

We bring you three versions of Bronze Whale´s song called “Blooming”. They explore the expressive depth of the composition, interacting with different producers to complete that task. They state: “We knew as we were finishing Blooming, that it would be such a wonderful song for remixes. In fact we already had ideas of directions we had wanted to take the song stylistically.”

Bronze Whale, Soft Jaw, Martron: Blooming (Soft Jaw Remix)

Bronze Whale x Soft Jaw x MartronBlooming (Soft Jaw Remix): this version of the song explores the quiet beauty of emotional connections and the unspoken moments shared between two people with a relaxing Vapor Twitch imprint.

Bronze Whale, Malvae, Martron: Blooming (Malvae Remix)

This version brings a moody, dark and epic interpretation of the composition. The production experiments with EDM elements to build a strong and dense atmosphere to dive deeper into the song´s poetry.

Bronze Whale x Martron: Blooming (Martron Remix)

In this case, they explore the noisy imprint of the track with a Dubstep sound that perfectly matches the genre, adding a melodic cadence that makes it catchy and danceable. Equally exquisite as the other versions.

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