Introducing: Chris Combs

Chris Combs masterfully crafts Jazz sensations to drive human feelings. The guitar sound is clear and that enhances the sentimentalism transmitted by the performance. The band accompanies the chords by adding sophisticated textures that, finally, reach the centre core of emotions.

Chris Combs: Silencio

“Silencío” offers a contemporary interpretation of a beloved Cuban classic from the 1930s. With a lively delve into the timeless bolero genre, the ensemble infuses a distinct Okie flair into their rendition.

Chris Combs: Polly Come Home (feat. Jesse Aycock)

This opus pays homage to a timeless Gene Clark classic, famously covered by Robert Plant & Allison Krauss on their acclaimed album, “Raising Sand.” Delicately crafted, it exudes patience and sublimity, capturing the essence of the original in a mesmerizing musical journey.

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