Introducing: Deron Daum

We bring you two songs to know the creative deepness of Deron Daun. Nobody and Reptyle Brainz are two songs that develop his different expressive potential, with great production and impeccable performance.


This a song about gratitude and contentment with the simple, ordinary aspects of life. He finds happiness in the love and companionship they share with someone, even if they aren’t famous or well-known. The song, with a chilled Indietronica sound, celebrates the idea that the presence of loved ones can bring immense joy and fulfilment.

Reptyle Brainz (Enmity)

This composition portrays the transformation from a peaceful individual to one consumed by anger and revenge person. He uses the word “enmity” to underscore the intense hostility and hatred that has taken hold of them. The lyrics tell a dark and unsettling story of this transformation and its consequences.

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